Famous People on the Autism Spectrum

The good news about autism is that for some people it can highlight their natural gifts and talents, so it’s no surprise that many remarkable people on the autism spectrum rise to be leaders in the fields of art, literature, music and science.

Autistic and neurodiverse people existed long before the term ‘autism’ was developed, so naturally they lived their lives without ever receiving an official diagnosis.

A lot of research has been done into the individuals on our list, and it’s safe to say that if they were born today they’d be diagnosed as autistic while still very young.

We’ve also listed many exceptional people from modern day society, most of whom are officially diagnosed as autistic, while a few are not.

They’re all included here to inspire and uplift anyone who struggles with similar social and sensory issues; reminding them that despite the challenges, being neurodiverse can help you live an extraordinary life and bring something truly unique and worthwhile to the world.