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Books, Films & TV Shows About Autism

Countless books have been written about autism over the years, and many films, documentaries and TV shows have been produced, either featuring autistic characters or discussing the realities of being on the spectrum.

Listed below are just a few of them for you to consider.

Learning about autism this way can be a great bonding experience for families who are new to the condition, and it’s fascinating to see the different ways autistic people have been portrayed over the last fifty years or so.

Everyone’s opinions and preferences are different, so keep an open mind, and hopefully you’ll find something here to inspire you.


1969 – Change of Habit
1969 – Run Wild Run Free
1979 – Being There
1986 – The Boy Who Could Fly
1988 – Rain Man
1989 – The Wizard
1990 – Backstreet Dreams
1991 – Little Man Tate
1993 – What’s Eating Gilbert Grape
1994 – Nell
1998 – Mercury Rising
1998 – Little Voice
1999 – Molly
2004 – Miracle Run
2004 – Killer Diller
2005 – Mozart and the Whale
2006 – Snow Cake
2007 – Her Name is Sabine
2007 – Ben X
2008 – Autism: The Musical
2008 – The Black Balloon
2009 – Adam
2010 – Dear John
2010 – Temple Grandin
2010 – Ocean Heaven
2010 – My Name is Khan
2011 – Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close
2012 – The Story of Luke
2014 – The Imitation Game
2016 – The Accountant
2017 – Keep the Change
2018 – Please Stand By

TV Shows

Are you Autistic?
Chris Packham: Asperger’s & Me
Criminal Minds
Extreme Love with Louis Theroux
Sesame Street
The A Word
The Autistic Gardener
The Big Bang Theory
The Good Doctor
There She Goes

Reference Books


  • The Ringmaster’s Tale: Autism, Asperger’s, Anarchy! by Helen Wallace-Iles
  • 10 Things Every Child With Autism Wishes You Knew by Ellen Notbohm
  • A Different Kettle of Fish by Michael Barton
  • Asperger Syndrome and Anxiety by Nick Dubin
  • Asperger’s and Self Esteem: Insight & Hope Through Famous Role Models by Temple Grandin and Norm Ledgin
  • Asperger’s Syndrome & High Achievement by Ioan James
  • Aspergirls: Empowering Females with Asperger Syndrome by Rudy Simone
  • Autism: I See Things Differently by Pat Thomas 
  • Fall Down 7 Times and Get Up 8 by Naoki Higashida
  • How to Be Autistic by Charlotte Amelia Poe
  • Neurotribes by Steve Silberman
  • Parenting Girls on the Autism Spectrum
  • Pretending to be Normal by Liane Holliday Willie
  • Spectrum Women Edited by Barb Cook and Dr Michelle Garnett
  • The Asperkids Series by Jennifer O’Toole
  • The Autistic Brain by Temple Grandin
  • The Reason I Jump by Naoki Higashida
  • Thinking in Pictures by Temple Grandin
  • Underdogs by Chris Bonnello
  • The Complete Guide to Asperger’s Syndrome by Tony Attwood
  • The Autistic Spectrum: A Guide for Parents and Professionals by Lorna Wing
  • An A-Z of Genetic Factors in Autism: A Handbook for Parents and Carers by Kenneth J. Aitken
  • Autism, Brain, and Environment by Richard Lathe

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