About Autism All Stars

Autism All Stars UK is a forward-thinking charity based on the Surrey/Sussex borders (Registered Charity Number 1152681) where everyone is dedicated to creating a happier, more inclusive world for autistic people and those who support them.

How we began

We were founded in 2010 following the tragic suicide of a young teenager with all the symptoms of autism who was never formally diagnosed. This drives our mission to create safe environments where autistic people can express themselves, knowing they’ll always be welcomed and appreciated.

You can find out more about how All Stars began and what motivates our work by following this link:

Inclusion and representation

Autistic adults are well represented in our organisation and are involved in every part of our decision making process. We have a strong social media presence and a popular blog, where we focus on acceptance, inclusion and respect for people of all ages and abilities.

Over the years, our quest to celebrate diversity and encourage self-expression has developed into our hugely popular autism-friendly character events. These include ‘Doctor Who’ days, ‘Star Wars’ days, and both ‘Dinosaur’ and ‘Dragon’ days where our supporters can meet and interact with spectacular animatronic puppets, entirely at their own pace.

Many of our volunteers are on the autism spectrum or have other additional needs including physical disabilities, epilepsy or mental health struggles. We also welcome those with no prior experience of these issues, allowing everyone to learn about and understand each other in a safe, welcoming environment.

Help in Crisis Situations

Our detailed database includes links to a wide variety of autism-specific facilities: from supermarkets offering quiet hours, to firms specialising in legal advice for people with additional needs.

In crisis situations where people are living in poverty, suffering the effects of domestic violence, recovering from addictions or dealing with mental health problems, autistic people’s needs are very often overlooked.

We therefore offer signposting to helplines, counselling and mentoring services, and when funds allow, we can provide essential supplies for autistic people and their families who find themselves in difficulty.

At Autism All Stars we know from experience what a huge difference even the smallest changes can make to an autistic person’s life, so we’re always happy to step in and offer the appropriate relief, whenever and wherever it’s needed most.

Supporting our Work

At All Stars we rely on the generosity of our supporters to fund our work, so we’re always happy to welcome new volunteers.

There are lots of different ways to support what we do, many of which are completely free and don’t involve leaving the house.

To find out more, follow these links: Fundraise and Volunteer