Being Wonderfully Calm And Relaxed

There are two different subliminal recordings: one focusing on motivation and activity and the other on being calm and relaxed. They’re both set to music and contain a series of positive statements (known as affirmations) which have been specially recorded at a very low frequency, allowing your subconscious mind to pick them up and use them, while bypassing any objections from your conscious mind.

All of the affirmations are listed here and again in your instructions so there are no surprises.

Everything is said in the present tense because to your subconscious, everything is happening ‘now’ and if it realises that you’re not feeling or behaving in the way I’m telling it you are, it will recognise this and set about changing your thought patterns and behaviour to allow you to do so.

These recordings don’t contain any suggestions about being relaxed or sleepy, but they’re still not recommended for use when driving or operating machinery as you need to focus your full attention on those things at all times. Still, there’s no need to take time out of your day to listen to the subliminal recordings, so you can use them as a form of background music that the whole family can benefit from when you’re going about your usual daily routine.


This programme includes the following statements:

  • You are calm, confident and relaxed when life gets busy

  • You handle every situation and circumstance with ease

  • You love, respect and approve of yourself

  • You allow yourself to be guided by the rhythm and flow of life

  • You are filled with feelings of peace and contentment

  • You radiate love, happiness and serenity

  • Your choices bring you a sense of harmony and fulfilment

  • You accept that everything is working out just as it’s supposed to

  • You inspire calm, confidence and relaxation in others

  • Every part of your body and mind are working together to bring you joy

  • You trust your intuition to keep you safe and secure

  • You find it easy to react and respond calmly and appropriately

  • You enjoy the benefits of living a calmer, more relaxed life

  • You celebrate your individuality and the uniqueness of others

  • You understand and accept that you are enough, just as you are

  • You create a calm, peaceful environment for yourself

  • You enjoy taking time to appreciate the beauty of your surroundings

  • Your mind focuses easily on increasing your inner contentment

  • Your calm, relaxed attitude brings you good fortune and abundance

  • You allow your life to unfold in positive, harmonious ways



Any Questions?

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