Being Wonderfully Calm And Relaxed

There are two different subliminal recordings: one focusing on motivation and activity and the other on being calm and relaxed. They’re both set to music and contain a series of positive statements (known as affirmations) which have been specially recorded at a very low frequency, allowing your subconscious mind to pick them up and use

Better Health And Increased Motivation

All of the affirmations are listed here and again in your instructions so there are no surprises. Everything is said in the present tense because to your subconscious, everything is happening ‘now’ and if it realises that you’re not feeling or behaving in the way I’m telling it you are, it will recognise this and

Succeeding With Support Services

This is a fantastic programme for anyone who’s struggling to deal with the frustrations of the SEN system and has helped me enormously over the years. Like most of my programmes, it has a very discreet trigger that no-one else has to know you’re using, which will instantly increase its effectiveness whenever you need it most.

Social Self Confidence

This programme is specifically designed to tackle social awkwardness, something many people both on and off the spectrum find difficulty with on a daily basis.  It deals with issues including: how to feel safe and relaxed in social situations letting go of past mistakes liking and respecting yourself celebrating your unique qualities focusing on social

Peaceful Healing Sleep

Although getting better quality sleep forms part of all my hypnotic programmes, this one focuses exclusively on the benefits of sleep. It’s designed to be used primarily at night, although it does include the option to wake up at the end if it’s appropriate to do so, meaning you can also use it during the

Vibrant Natural Energy

This programme was a real life-saver for me and is the answer to a question I’m very often asked: ‘Where do you get all your energy from?’ It taps into your own natural reserves and helps your body and mind work more smoothly together, conserving energy and using it more efficiently.The trigger is great to

Being An Exceptional Parent

This programme is designed exclusively for parents of children with additional needs. The word ‘autism’ isn’t actually mentioned so it’s suitable for parents of all children in this position and will work equally well whatever issues you’re facing. The main focus of the programme is on accepting things as they are and being confident as

Clear Capable Communication

This programme deals exclusively with communication skills and covers all aspects of conversations, with a focus on relaxing and enjoying them as much as possible. Topics covered include: • processing streams of information • shifting focus between different topics • processing verbal language, body language, facial expressions, tones of voice and gestures • using appropriate

Embracing Autism

This is the only programme without a trigger and is designed to be used by people on the spectrum to help them accept and celebrate who they are, while tackling some of the common issues many autistic people struggle with. The main areas covered are:• learning to accept and cope with changes to your routine

Instant Calm Confidence And Relaxation

This programme contains a powerful visualisation that introduces you to a calmer, more confident and more relaxed version of yourself, while giving you the ability to instantly tap into these qualities whenever you need them. It will help you discover your inner power and confidence, increase your peace of mind and sense of well-being, and